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Liger Capital Advisors assists in identifying merger & acquisition target opportunities. Once a deal begins, Liger guides the process every step of the way, including structure and execution of complex and innovative transactions of public and private corporations. The main focus of our services includes: 


We identify and evaluate prospective businesses that are not formally on the market, thereby avoiding a competitive bidding process while negotiating with business owners. This allows your company to buy another company at the lowest possible price thereby maximizing shareholder value.



We represent clients in the sale and merger of their company, including preparation of a marketing plan, development of business prospectus, confidential marketing, identification and screening of prospective purchases, deal structure assistance, negotiation, due diligence assistance and closing the deal.


We maintain confidentiality throughout this entire process to ensure that all current employees, customers and competitors are unaware until our client determines the proper time to reveal it.


By understanding the elements of a deal structure, such as bank debt and private equity; what each capital provider is seeking, and how far they are prepared to go; how much risk is assumed and expected pricing; business growth expectations; and how the layers of capital can work; we can design value for our clients into the deal. Without knowing the ins and outs of structure and design, companies often leave value on the table.



We assist clients in identifying practical opportunities and helping to choose the right transaction that maximizes value and enhances its competitive edge. We can anticipate the likely issues that might impede or derail a transaction, facilitating a speedy and successful completion.



Internally, the areas to be addressed include people, process, product, facilities, and information. Externally, the areas include branding, public relations, supplier and customer retention. The disciplines needed for successful acquisition integration are risk management, change management, process and project management. Our expertise carefully guides you throughout this process.


Keeping key people motivated and committed will help to retain them during complex M&A transactions, and beyond. It is essential to prepare, as early as possible, detailed integration plans that include the identification of key personnel, developing retention programs and assuring a smooth transition. Communication of these elements, and other deal-related issues, must be effectively maintained.



A successful transaction results when two entities come together to create a single, well organized and fully integrated entity able to achieve its intended objectives. It is the integration stage immediately following closing that a transaction is most vulnerable, and where many transactions fail. We carefully plan and execute a transaction so that integration is not overlooked in the rush of events typically proceeding transaction closing, while accelerating transaction value and identifying exposures and risks. We remain completely committed to assist clients during the post-acquisition process, thereby allowing a smooth transition every step of the way.



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